I know some of these are on my main site too but I have to edit more tightly there. It’s such a treat to shoot additional portraits the day after (or before or several days after) a wedding because time is more or less on our side, we can drive wherever we feel inclined and just play. There was something so ‘elemental’ about this shoot — the stillness of roots, and the movement and power of the water and wind. I was so pleased to make it to both a waterfall and the ocean in one evening. And yes, the wind will mess up your hair but may also move you in other ways. This couple was married at Olowalu Plantation house which is one of the loveliest venues on Maui. It is, however, on West Maui and a bit of a drive from a waterfall so this additional session allowed us to capture some of the beauty of Maui’s north shore (and show it to them for the first time as well – bonus!) Hair and makeup for these portraits was by Meili Autumn Beauty.