I've been very fortunate to have been a wedding photographer for close to twenty years. I grew up in rural parts of western Canada with an apparently difficult Hawaiian name: (May -LEE-uh), the pronunciation of which I was never bold enough to correct. In keeping with that general awkwardness perhaps, I was a shy kid. Drawing and painting and pouring over art history tomes in my school libraries was how I spent every moment of spare time. Long before art school proper, this is where I fell in love with and absorbed the elements of art.

I began photographing weddings on film while completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts between Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, and St. Martin's College of Art & Design in the UK. I then went on to the University of British Columbia for another BA and MA in a completely unrelated field, studying Latin, ancient Greek and Hebrew for seven years, the particulars of which were largely wiped from memory during the two sleepless years of my sons' infancies. I like to think, however, that the old world discipline it takes to progress in these subjects remains and serves me today.

Every image my clients receive is individually edited in a style that is true to life, understated and timeless. I do not subscribe to one style or palette such as "moody" or "light and airy" but instead take inspiration from my clients, the setting, and style of the day, aiming for flattering authenticity.

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