I love photographing weddings at the M Ritz Carlton Kapalua for a couple of reasons. First of all (and this may seem basic but hear me:) the rooms are lovely for getting ready photos. Why? Because of their curtains and sheers. It's such a treat to be able to modify and filter light for this important part of the day when I'm setting up mood-setting still life shots of the details, shooting the bride's getting dressed and put together, and then beauty shots while makeup is totally fresh. So many rooms in Hawaii have plantation style shutters, which are charming enough to look at but not always great for fine tuning light (but I still have some tricks.) Also, the Ritz has mouldings on which I can hang a dress! Huzzah. The other reason I love shooting at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua is because of its scenic location, both for the wedding ceremony on-property options and its proximity to some of the best rugged coastal Maui scenery that I know of for bridal portraits. It's a treat to shoot actual wedding day portraits of a bride and groom on sea cliffs with golden light during a cocktail hour, not to mention the white sand beaches below (time permitting.)

This wedding was my first back at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua since February 2020, right before covid brought everything to a screeching halt. It was gratifying to be back for this beautiful wedding and I'm grateful to the vendors who created top notch beauty and family who went through international quarantines to be there. Also, I was pretty chuffed about the twinkle light canopy reception setup. It delighted guests and looked beautiful against the changing evening sky.

Selected Vendors