In a way I have been waiting for this wedding for a long time. I have always looked across at Lana’i while driving around on Maui and wanted to explore but knew that one day I’d probably book a wedding at Four Seasons Resort Lanai which would be a good reason to make the trip.

I’m busy enough on Maui that I don’t tend to take holidays for the sake of relaxation; it’s only back to Vancouver to visit friends and family or lingering a bonus day after a destination wedding. I was pretty excited to be able to have the chance to head over solo on the ferry from Lahaina in September to spend two days at the Four Seasons and photograph this small destination wedding both at Sensei Lana’i, the lush mountain resort where the couple got ready, and the Four Seasons beach resort, where the ceremony was held on the edge of the stunning Lana’i coastline on the golf course; and dinner was at a restaurant on property nearby.

For photos of the couple after the ceremony, the Four Seasons staff kindly shuttled us over to the beach on the other side of the property where we made a short hike to views of the red earth and ocean around Sweetheart Rock as the sun set. It was a treat to work with the rich and misty gardens at Sensei Lana’i in the morning, the cliff views of ceremony and then the most classic Lana’i vistas for sunset portraits.

The couple brought their wedding vendors over from Maui including myself of course, MeiLi Autumn Beauty and Mandy Grace Designs for florals as well as their musician, Don, who had specially arranged some music for them. Once family group shots were done I had Don play their first dance song on a high rocky point while the couple slow-danced below with the cliffs behind them. 

I don’t have a reviews / accolades section on my site but thought I’d go ahead and post this message from the bride when she received her gallery because it made my day:


“These are beyond incredible! You have exceeded all expectations and I am pretty speechless at the moment. Thank you for capturing us in the most perfect way possible. I enjoyed working with you and hope to reconnect in the near future when we are in Maui! & YES, absolutely use our photos for any purpose you need, it is all quite stunning and I am proud to share these with the world!”

Oh, and just a PS, the Four Seasons Resort Lanai is possibly the most wonderful hotel I’ve ever experienced and I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph another wedding there again (and stay there of course!)