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Modern Elegance in Vancouverdestination wedding at the Vancouver Club

The Vancouver Club feels like home to me whenever I’m in Vancouver. I love it. I love all the different rooms, the incredible windows, the draperies, the staff, the food, and the service. I still remember the first time I shot there in 2007 – I knew it was a game changer for the way I shot. This wedding was coordinated by my talented planner friend Alicia Keats. Flowers were by Celsia Florist (love you guys!) and the favours on each place setting were chocolate bars from Beta 5. One of the things that makes me homesick. The bride wore a stunning minimalist Vera Wang gown most of the day and a red (lace) dress later on, as is traditional for Chinese brides.

A new home. A new site. A new journal.


My first blog post in two years this is. It seems for so many reasons the time to start with a blog again. For one thing it’s spring time, and for another we moved to Maui at the end of 2015 and that’s definitely something of a new beginning. I have made a new website; I’ve re-calibrated my branding a bit and am embracing my first name (which as luck would have it is a Hawaiian name) in my brand for the first time and I am now legal to work in a new country. I am so excited to be open to take weddings in Hawaii at last. Although this is a fresh start this new blog has something of an ancestor which I will leave up here for some time. I started my old blog in 2007 and it served me well for years although I can’t say I enjoyed blogging. I found the back-end cumbersome, I disliked the word ‘blog’ and instead of feeling excited about having a beautiful space to curate and share my favourite new work it felt like I was somehow obliged to check boxes and ensure that I posted the same basic content for every wedding I photographed — makeup, dress, ceremony, kiss, reception, dance. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that but it does feel like that approach deserves the title ‘web log’ more than journal. And then I had two children. I don’t know what could have prepared me for being a stay-at-home full-time working mother but suffice it to say that for many months, maybe the last couple of years it’s seemed like most activities not directly pertaining to survival were left by the wayside. I suffered prison-esque sleep-deprivation. Although I was overwhelmed in many ways I committed myself to ensuring that my clients received images carefully edited by me and delivered in a timely manner- and indeed because post-child I treated time as the most precious non-renewable resource my efficiency with editing and delivering work improved and became admirably speedy by any comparison. The thing that was missing was care for my own site, the time to reflect on and present my own work, my own photographs. I didn’t even trust myself to write a paragraph. Times are changing, though. My oldest son will be in kindergarten this fall and I now sleep through the night most nights. This winter in Maui while awaiting a change in immigration status I took up ceramics at a local art collective and began to feel the joy of creating in three dimensions– I took up Taekwondo with my big boy and I’m remembering what it feels like to have physical ability and autonomy over one’s own body – not nursing, not underslept, not stretched and heavy with baby. I can do things. In a way I feel like I’m waking up to my old potential. Perhaps I can even blog again, just as perhaps blogs are dying out in favour of instagram and tweeting. No matter– I’m into the longform thing. I look forward to posting what’s new and interesting, what I want to remember and show, to sharing some of the wonderful things I get to document at weddings without having 200 + galleries on the front page of my website or nothing at all. I want to show a bit of everything I do in little collections, in context, not just one instagram, and I think this is the answer. So welcome to my new ‘journal’ in my new home. It will, I hope, be a place that I am happy to reflect on, and where people who are interested will have a better chance of getting to know something of me. Thank you for the read. Aloha.